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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

*cool wif sunglass!*

CoNTeSt LAgI...hEee..

ok sape nak hadiah?--> mesti laa nak..

just follow ths simple rules je k:--> ok..

* mesti ada blog -->done
* be ths blog follower -->done
* and my contest blog as well -->done
* put ths banner in ur entry & side bar too -->done
(make sure both must b link back to ths page)* buat 1 entry wif da title *cool wif sunglass!* -->awal2 dah buat daa..
(1 pic pakai sunglass je ok..xmo banyak2)(ori or edited pic smua i terima)

gambar ni masa tgh study dulu..nak merempit g beli juadah berbuka pose..sempat berposing g wit my bff..miss so much that moment  ..

* tag 2 fwens at least -->
done gak

* yg msk ga ni pls inform her sape yg tag uols k..
bg id follower dia -->
tak der saper tapi jumpa masa berblogwalking
(sbb org yg mengetag pun akn dpt hadiah)
* link kan entry anda smua kat entry ni jer ok

* tarikh tutup : 19 march 2011
(sempena her dad bday)

sumthing yg kawaiii =)
1. utk yg join contest
2. org yg mengetag pemenang (id follower dperlukan)

~~TiUngg..all DoNe~~

::AlwAyS laUgH wHeN yOu CAn..It iS chEaP meDiCiNe::


♥♥P.i.n.K.y MoMMa♥♥ said...

pinky momma dtg melawat..tenkiu sudi join..all da best ya =)
stay tune..more make up & beauty tips wif pinky momma!

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